Prescription / RX Information/PD Measurement Link

Q: How do I measure my PD?

 A.  Have someone stand directly in front of you with a ruler.  Have them place the ruler against your forehead to steady it.  Measure from the CENTER of one pupil to the CENTER of the other in millimeters.  If you don't have a metric ruler, just supply us with the inches and we can convert it.  Do it several times to make sure of the accuracy. You can e-mail us at if you need more help or call 772-202-7959 (within the USA).  The last place that made your glasses will have your PD measurement as you cannot do a prescription without it.

Q: Which styles accept prescription lenses?

A: Styles listed on our website are marked if they are prescription ready.

Q: What type of prescription lenses does offer?

A: Tinted, Clear, Mirrored, Transitions and Polarized in Single Vision ,Bifocals and Progressive lenses.  We also offer Free Form Digital lenses in Single Vision and Progressives lenses. 

Q: Can I try on some styles to check out the fit?

A: Yes – we recommend that you order several styles to try on before ordering Rx lenses – we will even pay the shipping costs (one free shipping Rx try-on to a customer -- $9.90 maximum allowance in USA and International orders). When you return the try on frames in new condition we will apply the amount to your Rx order or refund you - including the shipping to you. Your only cost is returning them to us. Each prescription frame has an option listed for the Try-On order...all you do it check it and the item is put into your shopping cart.  You may also call us to place the order at 772-202-7959 within the USA.

Q:  What If I Have A High Power Correction? Lenticular Lens Available for High Power Rx's

 A:   Call us if you have a high power correction.  In most cases we are able to make your lenses but if may be necessary to upgrade to Digital Lenticular Lenses ($40 Digital and $19.50 Lenticular). A lenticular lens means that the correction in the lens does not extend all the way to the ourter edge of the lens.  Since most people can't see this part of the lens this has been a non-issue.  This results in a lens that is about 50% to 70% thinner than a lens where the prescription extends all the way to the edge.   

Q: What is ADD Power on Progressive and Bi-Focal orders?

A: A Progressive lens provides a continuous increase in the lens power as the eye moves down from the distance viewing to the near viewing range. The additional plus power amount needed for near vision is called a Bi-Focal which is really two lenses combined into one which provides a distance viewing area and a near viewing area. The “ADD” numbers on your Rx indicate the strength of the reading segment of your lenses.

Q: What is Segment Height on Progressive and Bi-Focal orders?

A: The Segment Height is vertical measurement taken to determine progressive and bi-focal fitting heights. This measurement is taken from the lowest part of the frame eyewear to the guideline. The guideline for a bi-focal is the lower lid and for the progressive it is the center pupil. SEGMENT HEIGHTS ARE SET LOWER ON THE LENSES THAN REGULAR FLAT LENSES.  THE MAJORITY OF THE LENS IS FOR DISTANCE WITH THE LOWER PORTION FOR YOUR "ADD".  PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER IF YOU WANT A HIGHER SEGMENT HEIGHT FOR YOUR PROGRESSIVE OR BIFOCAL LENSES. 

Q: What are Polycarbonate Lenses?

A: uses only polycarbonate lenses which are shatterproof and naturally absorb Ultraviolet rays- including our clear lenses. They are lightweight and stronger than other lens materials resulting in increased comfort, total UV protection and maximum safety.

Q: What are Polarized Polycarbonate Lenses?

A: When sunlight is reflected off a flat surface like pavement it is concentrated in a horizontal plane. This concentration causes glare. Polarized lenses have an added horizontal filtering layer that effectively eliminates reflected glare. The end result is reduced eyestrain and greater clarity and definition.

Q: What are Photochromic (Day/Night) Polycarbonate Lenses?

A: Photochromic lenses adjust the density of their tint to varying light conditions. In bright sunlight the lens darkens and in low light the tint lightens. This is an excellent choice to provide the right degree for all light conditions, including night riding. Like all polycarbonate lenses, they stop UVA, UVB and UVC up to 400 nanometers.

Q: Can I get Transitions Xtra-Active Lenses in a Flat-Top Lined Bifocal?


Q: Do you offer a Mirrored Coating?

A: Yes, you can enhance your prescription lenses with an additional optic coating. The mirrored vacuum coating is applied over the base tint to reduce light and glare and add increased scratch protection to the outside of the lens. It will also reduce infra-red rays thus reducing heat build-up behind the lens. MIRRORS CAN TAKE UP TO TWO WEEKS so make sure you plan ahead when you order.   For full mirror effect, the base color should be gray or brown.  Anything lighter will not be covered well with a mirror coating.

Q: What are “Decentered” lenses?

A: Decentered lenses have an offset viewing area to enhance visual acuity. The optical center is offset from the mechanical center. This is essential for distortion free vision.

Q: What lens colors do you offer?

A: We offer the following: Smoke Gray offers the least amount of color distortion and is good for all-purpose use on clear, bright days. Brown increases visual acuity by darkening backgrounds thus increasing contrast. A ‘warmer’ field of vision is experienced and excellent light reduction thru the lens. Copper enhances depth perception and improves color contrast by blocking blue light. The result is sharper vision and reduced glare with less eye fatigue. Yellow adds contrast and is best in low light conditions. Also effective in blocking blue light, our light yellow tint is effective in reducing glare from bright light at night. Clear also provides 100 percent UVA and UVB protection and is the best choice for night riding.

Q :Do you have ANTI-FOG lenses?

A: Factory applied anti-fog coatings will wear off in time. The best option is to use an anti-fog cleaner.  We sell Parker's Perfect Anti-Fog Spray for $5.95 a bottle.

Q: Is my prescription order returnable?

A: All prescription lenses are special orders and are therefore non-refundable. We guarantee your lenses to be made exactly to the specifications you provide. All lenses are carefully hand inspected upon completion. In the unlikely event that our quality control measures fail, we will promptly remake the lenses. Be very careful INPUTTING YOUR RX INFORMATION on your order.  Make sure your Plus signs and Minus signs are correct.  You can scan and e-mail your rx to us for back-up or call us toll free at 888-879-0799 and we will be happy to assist.  PRESCRIPTION EYEWEAR IS NOT RETURNABLE.  IT IS CUSTOM MADE for you.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: All products are fully guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase on material and workmanship. Scratched lenses or damage due to misuse are not.